New Face in a Hotel Room

We commandeered the lobby level pool.

I imagined him quiet upstairs, tired, ready for bed…and shaving.

I didn’t worry about him, but knew when we returned…

…he would look different.


What had been part of him, part of us, -rugged and soft and grizzly- for so long now…

…would soon be gone.

It needed to come out. Bad tumor filled his face and it was a week until we learned cancer cells built nests, but that night, before it came out…

…I thought of him as always.

With his beard.

But then bare, there he was…


And love.


5 thoughts on “New Face in a Hotel Room

  1. michelle

    i love the way you love him! 🙂 you are a godly testimony to your children and to wives around you. i am grateful to be one of them. ~michelle


  2. Cassandra Post author

    Thanks gals…thanks for blessing my ❤ with your visit and your sweet words this morning. Just a new little road on this journey. Thankful to be walking by his side. ❤


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