The Many {{Green}} Faces of Radiation Treatment

Day 30 of 33:


I was horrified when he came out of his appointment this morning with a GREEN ear!


We’d been warned that this week was going to be rough on the surface of his face. Very targeted beams. Think, burning an ant with a magnifying glass kind of targeted.




“What did they DO to you?” I gasped when he came out.


“A new tattoo, whaddya think?”  He smiles.


I gasped again, looking closer and seeing the BULLSEYE on his face, aghast that he’d have to live with a target tattooed on the side of his head for the rest of his life.


{{Seems as though wifey overreacted a little.}}


The green is Sharpie marker, the bullseye is where they drew to get the beam targeted just right, the tattoo is the itty bitty dot inside, which may, or may not fade, but even if it doesn’t, will most likely not even be visible.




No green ears or face tattoos today.Unless he goes ahead with the sweet idea he conjured up for our little monster loving six year-old…a big dragon coming up out of the neckline of his shirt.


{{Badass husband…only THREE left}}


Gettum honey.


We love you and your green face.


JULY 2014 070

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