Books Are Here!


To much excitement, two boxes of books arrived today! The sweet lady at the post office tracked and dug for them, calling me forty minutes before closing time to let me know that yes, our highly anticipated packages had arrived safely.

Even though they know the story inside and out, I’ve currently got three children curled up in their beds reading, and a bff texting me her favorite lines, as they all savor their way through our much-awaited book while a basket sits signed, wrapped and ready for delivery tomorrow and in the days to come.

Hop on over to my website to place your order. The first 75 copies ordered will be signed, and ALL copies come with many hugs and much love. I am scared silly and excited as all get out to share the story of this dog…our Annie Spruce, The Dog That Didn’t Die.

Order your copy of Annie Spruce here!

2 thoughts on “Books Are Here!

  1. Kate Loveton

    Any possibility you will put this book on Kindle? I loved the excerpt you published several months back. I read almost exclusively on Kindle. If you ever put on Kindle, please let me know. I’d love to read and review. 🙂

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  2. Cassandra Post author

    Yes!! E-Books coming soon! Just a quick little exhale and a couple local events before delving into e-production. I’ll keep you posted. Happy to send you a complimentary paper copy though in the meantime as I covet your review and thoughts. {{I’d be okay waiting though if Kindle is preferred.}} 🙂



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