So tonight we had a little incident with the paparazzi.

While at the bonfire right after the parade a nice young man walked up to me and the kids with a big smile on his face.

I smiled back and when he said he was from the local newspaper and was wondering if he could talk to me…my smile got even bigger.

{{Think SPARKLE y’all.}}

He asked if I had a moment and of course I told him “Well, uh… okayyy”

{{I MAY have even flipped my hair a little but I’m not sure. MAYBE.}}

Seriously. How did he know about the book SO SOON?

I cleared my throat and prepared to answer some questions.

Then he turned to my kids and said he was here talking to people about the parade and the fireworks and since their mama said it was okay, he’d LOVE to ask them some questions.

{{Writer ego deflates quietly and oozes out the bottom of my boot…}}

He professionally takes out his recorder, asks us a few questions, smiles when I snort laugh and tell him I thought he was coming to talk to me about my book that just came out {{ha ha polite laugh “oh a book. that’s nice”}} and walks away to interview the next person about our little town’s fun tradition.

fireworks 2014

Can you EVEN??

I crack myself up sometimes.

And then, in the middle of the fireworks that make us all feel like we’re eight again and that there are no troubles in the world except needing a hot cup of coco to make our life perfect, my little girl, my one who hides her true feelings deep down where I usually have to carefully excavate them, well she looks up at the jet black sky that is bursting with every color you ever thought of, and as the fire flowers dance in her eyes and her round cheeks glow pink, she randomly and casually says “I love you Mama”.

My kids scream at the sky right up through the finale and I howl loud along with them.NOVEMBER 2014 032

And when we pull out, my other daughter holds my hand and the twin snake lines of red tail lights blink on and off with the stop and go cars and Kenny’s on the radio telling us what I already know.

The closest thing to Heaven is a child.

And this writer will take that over paparazzi any day.


What do you think?

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