Look Out E-World…Here We Come!

Big news on this little farm…

Our first short run of Annie Spruce is nearly sold out and we’ve had to throw ourselves at the mercy of the printer {{bribe them with cookies}} to try and get a second short run all the way up to our neck of the woods by our next book signing on December 20th. We’re currently in family negotioations as to what is the world’s best ever cookie recipe while we hang onto our BIG faith and confidence in the production team at our awesome print facility that they’ll have it done.

Bigger news that than though, is that while they are slaving away on our print project -and the many others that are operating under the holiday crunch- they are also preparing the E-BOOK ((Wooot!)) for Annie Spruce and are working hard to have it done by Christmas. Can I get a high five??

I’ve had SOOO many people ask me when I was going to put the book into digital form and then I’ve watched their eyes glaze over when I told them “soon” and gone on to explain how I wasn’t smart enough/patient enough/confident enough/time endowed enough/hairy enough to undergo such an undertaking. See? The whole thing just sounds so undertaker-y. Why would I want to go there myself when a little check and a few dozen cookies will do the trick? I get an eBook out of the deal, my head gets to keep its hair intact, and my readers get their precious little digi book. Many of my people -besties…mother…children…- love and adore their digital readers. I myself, remain a purist and have not yet crossed the techno threshold and will forever and always be a devout and loyal paper sniffer. I acknowledge the world has turned, alas, I try to turn with it. Albeit slowly.

Our expected release is Christmas.

{{Maybe Santa will put one of those Kindle gadget things in this paper snob’s stocking this year…}}

E-Book’s a’comin y’all!!


8 thoughts on “Look Out E-World…Here We Come!

  1. Publishing Insights

    Congrats on the big achievement! It’s really something to celebrate for.
    I’ve enjoyed many of your posts here and look forward to reading your next! 🙂
    Feel free to check out my writing about publishing: publishinginsights.org


  2. Kate Loveton

    High five, kiddo! I can’t wait to read when released in e format; I’ll even review on m blog. I love your writing style. You get to the heart of a matter in a way that touches my own heart.


  3. donteatthecrayons

    Congrats on selling out of your books! How exciting! And super awesome about the e-book. That’s the wave of the future, or so I’m told.

    I’m with you though. I like my books to be tangible, with pages I feel and paper I can smell. I feel like I’ve already got enough interactions with electronics. I don’t need my books that way too. 😉



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