My mama eagle eyes found an error in the ePUB file. Somehow, in production, an ebook gremlin got in and changed one itty bitty little word. The designers are stumped as to how it could happen since the file they send off is the perfect version book file and there is no process that occurs to change the actual text of the file.

The fancy computer folks might be scratching their heads and trying to talk programming and v-glitches and so on…but this mama can easily explain it.


And mistakes get made and things get switched and sometimes there’s just no good and plain reason for it.

So. For my gadget-eyed reader friends, that means that the official, ready-to-publish ebook won’t be ready until after Christmas at the earliest, New Years at the latest. I’m working on making it available for preorder on Amazon, but you know me, between my internet connection, the kids and the farm, -and this week, Christmas- things sometimes happen in fits and starts.

So sorry for the delay, it’ll happen soon though. While I wait on the people who are smarter than me to fix this…I plan on putting my feet up, making a pot of coco and snuggling my babies for the beautiful weekend set aside to celebrate the birth of our Savior. May His peace and joy rest on you and yours this weekend as well.

We love you. Merry Christmas from me to you.

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