Chicks on the Farm {{Cuuute-nesss Ovvvverload}}

The goslings came early yesterday and filled our house with cuteness.

Technically they’re for market.

But I’ve already decided we’re keeping one.

My husband just doesn’t know it yet.


Cuteness overload round the ranch this week yawl.

APRIL 2015 112

APRIL 2015 044


It was like the “IT’S TIME” call in the middle of the night.

The phone rang when it was still dark.

THE CHICKS ARE HERE, I announced to my kid who has so anxiously awaited their arrival.

Normally one to moan the arrival of get-up time, he SPRANG out of bed to make the still-nightlike run in to town with his dad to fetch the wee little pheasant babies sent all the way from Iowa.

They all survived the trip and they were waiting for him in the peeping box in the back room of our post office.

They are the tiniest little birds I’ve ever seen.

APRIL 2015 022 APRIL 2015 034 APRIL 2015 033 APRIL 2015 039 APRIL 2015 001Phew. That was a long trip. Gosh I’m tired.

{{{Happy weekend from our little farm to yours!}}}

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