Twenty-Three Aprils Ago

And just like that….

I looked at the calendar this morning and the date melted me a little.

It was 23 years ago today that I went on my very first date with a new friend who was happy-go-lucky, generous, the life of the party, a sweet boy who loved his mama, and the kindest man I ever met.

Pals was all we were.

Hangin out.


Drinking Bell Ringers.

He made sure I got home safely every time.

And when he asked me out on a DATE date, I laughed in his face. And I then went on to tell him how he was so not my type and I would never marry someone like him.

But I went on the date anyway because deep down I knew I WOULD marry someone like him.

He’s still sweet and so generous and he adores his mama.

He’s given me four children that fill this house he chose so carefully for us.

He endures this crazy little farm and all its crazy little critters.

He’s a hard worker and a family man to the fiber.

He prays for me daily.

He’s still my best pal and the kindest person I know.

And everyday, he still makes me laugh.

Twenty-three years…

I thought we were still just kids.

APRIL 2015 002

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine…Song of Songs 6:3

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