Not Quite But It’ll Do. For Now.

It was Fairbanks for poems then Juneau for horses and all I did in those quiet moments between busy when I wasn’t writing…

…was think about writing.

So much to write about.

The beauty.

The fun.

The growing.

The goodness.

But laundry calls and the animals are hungry and the sun is shining…

…and the chores they just won’t wait.

If I start writing today I just might not stop.

So it’s not quite writing these ten minutes of being here.

No, not quite.

But almost.

It’ll do.

But only for now.

APRIL 2015 599

APRIL 2015 137

APRIL 2015 152

APRIL 2015 081

3 thoughts on “Not Quite But It’ll Do. For Now.

    1. Cassandra Post author

      I look forward to them.
      But not too much.
      This is all going too fast already. ❤
      Thanks for stopping! It reminded me to go check in on your blog…SO exciting about the book news! Hoping your editing/rewrites are going well. That was the most PAINFUL part for me, the editing. Padded room…soft music…lunch deliveries…those are on my list for NEXT time 🙂


      1. Julia Lund

        I know what you mean – it’s a case of just digging in and doing. Today went well, a change from last week. Let’s see what tomorrow holds …

        Liked by 1 person

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