Dancing With an Indie Publisher

I stink terribly at this book selling gig.

I think I just wanna go back to WRITING the books and let the seller person take care of selling them.

Oh wait.


I AM the seller person.


How depressing when you want to just do a sale and start giving some books away for FREEE and you get to see all kinds of new names from a drawing who are going to get FREEE books and you dance and dance in circles and decide you’re going to get your Kindle side in on the fun and your hair spins around and your dress floops out in a flowy circle as your outstretched arms gracefully release rose petals and free books…things that will beautify the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.


And then FWAP…it all comes to a screeching halt when you misstep and trip and the rose petals fall to the ground and one of those books comes flying back and hits you upside the head and you remember…

Oh yeah.

It ain’t like that is it?

So today my wee little dream of my wee little sale was like that book fwapping when Amazon told me I WASN’T ALLOWED to have a sale on MY book because I just had one and I had to WAIT until MAY.

Bossy huh?

How’s a gal supposed to get her Julie Andrews on with THAT kind of noise??

Talk about a writer’s straight jacket. Geez.

So I have to wait.


I am SO excited that I get to mail copies of Annie Spruce to ten happy winners from nine different states! Those ten were out of 606 that entered the Goodreads giveaway.

See why I just want to let my sweet books fly into the arms of my readers? Six HUNDRED people y’all! They wanted to read about my little girl’s prayer and our sweetie pie dog. How SWEEEET is that??

So, I guess you probably get the idea that I like people to have our book. So there’ll be a sale. As in, a FREE sale. SOON. As soon as Amazon LETS me. Gosh we love em but these rules..these rules….

And this Goodreads giveaway has been so much fun…don’t be surprised if I soon don my twirling skirt and my rose petals. I’ll be ready for another go round.

Minus the fwapping of course.


2 thoughts on “Dancing With an Indie Publisher

  1. Julia Lund

    I had a free giveaway on Amazon this last weekend and share your excitement at thought of more readers. All the best with your promotion.



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