Cirque, Summer Issue

So I wrote a piece about my good man.

And our good state.

And a good woman we met along the way.

Cirque Journal has selected it for publication in their Summer 2015 issue!

A little bowled over and trembly about the whole deal.

I received an email last night that the issue is HOURS away from publication.

From Cirque’s website:

Cirque was founded in 2009 by Anchorage poet Mike Burwell. Cirque, published in Anchorage, Alaska, is a regional journal created to share the best writing in the region with the rest of the world. This regional literary journal invites emerging and established writers living in the North Pacific Rim—Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, Yukon Territory, Alberta, British Columbia, and Chukotka.

Can’t wait to see my little offering of words next to so many of today’s greats from this side of the world.

Cirque brings together the finest literary and artistic talent from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Read the current issue below.

Cirque Journal

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