An Ordinary Afternoon on the Farm; All in a Day


New baby bunny for my rabbit showman. We pretty much adore her.


My little chicken wrangler.


We’re nursing a quail rooster that was getting picked on. Pecked on, I should say. He came to us with one eye; naturally we dubbed him Rooster Cogburn. We call him Chuck for short. A little coconut oil treatment has him healing well, and exciting news, once all the scabbing came off and he started healing, he still has both eyes.


My girl and her dad built a new trough for her hogs. We love the pigs. Really we do. Lets just say the smells, the pig chases, the level of maintenance these piggies require…these things make me glad that pigs are a summer project only 🙂

011 (2)

My girl is teaching her pony to drive. He harnessed up like a champ and long-reigned like he’d always been doing it. Can’t wait to see her and her boy with his new cart!


We could take about a thousand chickabitty pics and every one is our new favorite. Not sure there’s anything cuter than a sweet baby chicky.


See what I mean? ❤


Our pretty boy Beau.


Baby geese follow their mama girl everywhere.

4 thoughts on “An Ordinary Afternoon on the Farm; All in a Day

    1. Cassandra Post author

      Yes! She’s one of his “Goldie’s”…Goldie Jr., Golden, and…maybe just Goldie? I lose track 🙂 He lost one (from another flock) to predation this past winter and her name was Goldie, so when his brother got this flock, all the Orps became instant Goldies 🙂 They’re such a sweet breed ❤

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