Thank you at a Parade

I had the joy and the pleasure of meeting Mr. Billy Graham’s nurse today at our little small town parade. She was with one of my friends who adopted one of Annie’s pups all those years ago. She was a beautiful and gentle southern woman who cares for a great man and I was so very honored to meet her.

We talked chickens.

We took pictures.

I would’ve loved to sit with her over coffee.

Naturally, I had to give her a copy of Annie Spruce to read on her flight home. I carry a few in my truck and as I signed it for her, she said “Mr. Graham will love this. He loves animals.”

How many souls has that beloved man reached for the Kingdom of God? How many has he clasped hands with and escorted onto Christ’s path?

He has counseled and prayed with presidents.

He was a hero to my grandparents.

All day since…I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around the magnitude.

2 thoughts on “Thank you at a Parade

  1. Julia Lund

    I never heard him speak, though he came to the Keswick Convention, just down the road from us, in the 70s. My mother met him once in Monaco at church.

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    1. Cassandra Post author

      His name was so revered in my grandparents’ household. Can you imagine just being able to sit down and talk to him? The stories of grace he must carry in his heart. ❤



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