Seeing Red

I’m out of the loop here on the farm. Intentionally.

We keep the TV just for movie rentals and Netflix, I’m constantly forgetting to pay my newspaper bill, and for the sake of my sanity, (and my family’s), I limit my time on the local news chat groups.

Some folks might call that sticking my head in the sand.

I call it keeping my home peaceful, focused, and free from angst.

Oh I’m aware of the evils.

Pollution. Tweakers. Police brutality. Hatred for law enforcement. Riots. Corrupt politicians. Orphans. ISIS.

And now, this week, red paper cups.


You’d have to be a homeschooling mom with no cable living on a farm in the middle of nowhere in rural Alaska ((awkward pause for crickets…)) to not hear about the red cup debacle.

I haven’t read all the posts. I don’t CARE about all the posts.

But is there one written like this already?

Cuz I don’t know…

I’m a Christian. Evangelical even.

And I LIKE the red cup.

I have no qualms with it whatsoever and I even went so far as to think maybe Starbucks was getting a little evangelical too. I kinda want to stand up and applaud them.

Because really?

As a Christian, as a Christ follower, as one who puts her hope and her faith and her life at the foot of the worn and weary and rugged cross…

…a simple red cup with no words or pictures speaks LOUDLY to me.

A simple red cup reminds me of Christmas.

A simple red cup reminds me to keep things simple.

A simple red cup reminds me that life, and the holiday season doesn’t need to be, SHOULDN’T BE, cluttered up with junk and glitz and trashy materialistic bling.

A simple red cup reminds me that simply drinking a cup of coffee is a wonderful pleasure and a privilege.

A simple red cup reminds me that it’s not the packaging that counts but what’s inside.

A simple red cup reminds me of the exciting stories that live in my heart and in my history and that I know them because they’re in my worn and tear-stained copy of the book with red letters that were written by some of my favorite men of all time under the direction of their master and maestro Who is my favorite-ever coffee companion.

A simple red cup reminds me of hyssop and lambs and escaping death while running to freedom.

A simple red cup reminds me that there was a man with strong arms that were stretched and pierced and that the blood from those wounds covers me and every one else on this planet who know Him too and that because of that blood, those same strong arms hold the whole world and they carry it into eternity.

A simple red cup reminds me of how messy and horrific and beautiful love is.

Yes, a simple red cup simply reminds me of Jesus.

Can we just quit being mad?

Can we simply celebrate Him? Celebrate the gift He gave us?


And if you haven’t accepted that gift yet, can you extend grace and not be mad too?

Can you ignore the nay sayers and just enjoy your cup of coffee?

And know that just like me…

…you too are simply loved.

Every good and perfect gift is from above…James 1:17

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