Barn Report: 8 a.m.

Sunrise: 9:15   Sunset: 4:26     Temp: -8

Cold. Below zero cold. Outside chores after breakfast. Inside chores? The ones inside my head…they come before my eyes even open.

Deep-freeze means last-minute tasks before the big hunker down, and round here, we work with checklists.

Today’s barn report brought to you from The Farm Manager (aka Mama):


Littlest equine getting run off her feed by her big stall mates. Bad time of year for a wee horse to drop weight. Had the vet put his hands on her yesterday, he said she’s fine but even so, as the Farm Manager, (AND Resource Manager, Lunch Lady and Nurse…meaning I look after the over-all health and well being of ALL kin and critters, outside and in) I polled the team and it was decided by group consensus (we took the vote of the Farm Superintendent who was conveniently out of town) that it was best to bring her in at night until the pretty little pink horse blanket gets here (YAY for Amazon Prime!) and my Barnyard Foreman can get a little horse apartment built this week so the wee one can eat in peace and without anyone stealing her chow.

Until then, every night, the song in the school room….

is House Party….




-Annie’s pill day. No pee-pee has been nice. Don’t miss pill night.

-Thaw the salmon head slop from fish season. Extra oil and energy will help with this snap.


-Get their hidey hole built in the hay bales. I like to have a place they can go hole up at night. If I had a few more pallets I might make Joe his own room too. Between you and me, I’ve been pushing for a garage (for Joe of course) for years. (Also on my list of roles: Joe Spoiler, Advocate and Doter All My Days)


Iphone photos Summer 2013 875


-Check combs and feet for frostbite

-Small kennel with perch for the banties since they can’t reach the big perches

-Get wider winter perches up to help the birds keep their feet covered with their breasts while perching. (Cue my chicken whisperer Barnyard Foreman)

-Freshen hay in next boxes

-More hay to the goose house

-Freshen alder and pine boughs in the pheasant pen for heavy cover during deep freeze. Hay to their shelter.

That’s all for today. I better get to it.

What’s on YOUR chore list today?

Happy Tuesday from our crazy little farm to yours. 🙂


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