The Names We Use Round Here

APRIL 2015 044We name things round here. Our trucks have names, our critters all have names (yes, even the ones we’re gonna eat), the stuffed animals have names, heck, even our cameras have names.

I have a friend who named her pillow. I don’t think we’ve ever named our pillows, but we DO have:

-A Ford Expedition named Ethel
-A Ford pickup named a) Brown Betty on the good days, b) Derrick the Deathtrap on the other days
-One Nikon camera named Dexter, another named Donna (because we’re cute that way too)
-A computer named Betty (we named her when the pickup was having a Derrick day)
-Various electronics with names such as Bobby Jones, Robert Puddler, and Sally Sue.
-An Inuit leather doll named Mary
-A pink stuffed pig named Ashley who’s worked her way through three siblings.
-A row boat named Steve (unless you ask my fishermen, they’ll tell you it’s the Blue Star)
-A four-wheeler we call The Green Machine

-Various stuffed animals, dolls, and animal toys named Steve. My youngest went through a Steve phase and named everything he owned Steve for about a two-year period. This includes the red kitty that is really a bear, his two plastic Fisher Price toys, one hippo and one rhino he named Steve and Steve, and his baby bunny that came from a surprise litter born to his big brother’s doe. His baby bunny is a female but, you guessed it, her name is Steve too.

My husband isn’t hip on naming things. He’s pretty plain that way. “You don’t have to have a NAME for EVERYTHING” he tells us.

I whip out my Holy Spirit Junior and tell him if God brought ALL the animals to Adam and gave him the joyful task of naming every single one, AND if Jesus has enough names there are books written about all of them, names MUST be important.

He hasn’t responded to that one yet. Unless you count an eye roll as a response. 😀

We’ll continue to name things round here. Names make things part of the family, part of our daily life.

I was thinking this morning about all the animals we’ve named over the years. And that got me to wondering about everybody else and the names they choose for their critters.

What is YOUR favorite pet’s name?


3 thoughts on “The Names We Use Round Here

  1. Julia Lund

    We’ve had three cats, all named by our, then very young, son. Philip lived the longest and saw both Shirley and Trevor come and go. When our son named his goldfish Spot, his younger sister named hers, Lots-of-Spots …

    Beyond that, our son also named his little sister’s dolls, Peter and Percy. She was thirteen before she realised Percy wasn’t a girl’s name …
    Oh, and my husbands name? Steve 😀


    1. Cassandra Post author

      Oh I LOVE that! {{So would my little guy 🙂 }}

      I also love the name Trevor for a critter! I imagine a kitty bearing that name to have a very intellectual and hardy look about him. So funny, in a recent naming discussion, I thought Trevor would make a fine name for a gentle gelding. 🙂

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