A year ago today, I was selling copies of ‪#‎AnnieSpruce‬ that had JUST come in the mail. It was an exciting time for our little family. I can’t say that we’ve sold a lot of books by the big book seller’s standards, but I can say that I’m SO thankful that we followed through on the little heart-push we had to publish the sweet little story of our dog and how God sent her to us. I just know that every single copy has gone exactly where it needed to and that hearts were blessed and will continue to be blessed, by Annie and her sorrowfully sweet journey to our home.

DSC_0041 (2)

Every time I give someone a book, or sell the occasional copy here or there, I love the connection I instantly have with the person whose hands I place it in. That person is getting a peek into my heart. He is getting a glimpse into our world. She is getting a front-row seat into the faith of our family.


And when I hear back from them, or see their smile, enjoy a warm handshake or hug, I’m getting a look right back into theirs.

Thankful for each and every one of you who checks in now and then here on my little writer’s page. I’m praying you all are blessed this year with the grace and knowledge of Christ and the love of family and friends.

From our home to yours and with big love from my crew and Annie Spruce, Happy Thanksgiving!

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