Long Weekends and New Life

I love life.

I love OUR life.

I especially love babies and old folks and watching children smile as they grow into the huge hearts they carry in their small chests.


Sometimes, amid the work and the bustle of this house and this farm and the daily everything that gets in the way of peace, I’ll remember…

to live IS peace.

This life is peace.

The air, the sunshine, the animals, the people…this world, crazy as it is…as sad as it can sometimes be…it was made by the One who speaks peace and who gives peace, and because of that, when we’re with Him, we HAVE peace.


I forget.

And when people are sometimes mean and friends can make your chin quiver and the news can crush a soul…

forgetting peace is easy to do.

But when we look, won’t we find it?

Those few words while hiding from the world in the bathroom stall…those Psalms that wash over a soul and change the breathing and change a spirit in just the few quiet minutes it takes to read them.

Those smiles that come with the bright from a sunny morning when just the day before it was dreary.

FEBRUARY 2016 697

Those screams that can sometimes pierce the ears but when you fine tune the speaker they remind you of the joyful and fleeting days of childhood and youth.

Those voices from strong men growing stronger as they sing in their bass and baritones and prop their brothers up.

Those warm minutes just before sunrise when the blankets envelop and there’s one beside you breathing deeply.

FEBRUARY 2016 712

People can sometimes be hard and life can sometimes be hard but aren’t we all growing toward peace and isn’t every day a new chance at life?

FEBRUARY 2016 680

We set it all aside and got ready for this weekend, this big weekend that had families red-faced and covered in glue and glitter and moms trying to make the best better for all those beautiful smart kids who were carrying all their little and big kid-pressure to perform well for their clubs and their judges…and somehow we all made it out alive and then the next day we all woke up and did it again, with just a little more fun and relaxed pep in our steps the second time around.

Big things are hard and sometimes little things are even harder but when we came home tired and smiling…

there was new life.


There was new life to remind us that hard things are worth it and when things are a little hard, or even a lot hard, time goes on and life goes on.

There was new life to remind us of what we’re really doing here and how there will always be hard things and even hard people, but if we keep our focus on the people in our homes and the critters in our care, and on the friends that walk the path alongside…and always on the One who gave them all to us…

life won’t be so hard.

We came home and watched as they came out of their shells, weak and struggling and gasping, trying to get legs strong enough to hold bodies upright.

FEBRUARY 2016 694FEBRUARY 2016 695

They flop and they flail as they push through the hardness of their shell and the hardness of being born.

They lie breathless, resting and gulping until the next burst of strength.

They push on through each step and stage, life imprinted on their instincts, survival written into their cells.

New life brings joy.

New life brings smiles.

New life brings quiet and music and refreshment and hope.

And with it, new life always brings peace.



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