Thirty-Five Cents and a Tank Full of Gas

Digging through some old pieces…sniffling a little over this one.
Marriage is so precious. I hope you’re blessed with love today. ❤

Cassandra Rankin

I pulled out of work onto the highway and instead of turning right toward home, I turned left, toward North.

He was North.

back roads

And while it was only a Tuesday, and even though I’d just seen him on Sunday… and even though I had to work the next day…and even though I didn’t have anything with me but the clothes on my back, a quarter tank of gas and thirty-five cents in my pocket…I turned left anyway.

I pointed my little car North and I went to where he was. To where he was working hard, pounding pick axes and hefting dirt and swinging shovels and digging ditches…

…and thinking of me.Scan3

But when I got there an hour and a half later, he wasn’t there.

My knock was quiet on his motel room door and even though I’d never been there, the gas station attendant’s directions brought me right…

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