Crazy For The Birds


I made our manager of the poultry department take inventory yesterday. This is what he came up with:

18 layer hens of varying ages

2 roosters, one big, one tiny

5 baby chicks

4 hen pheasants

2 rooster pheasants

1 guinea fowl

2 Embden geese

1 house quail named Rooster Cogburn; Chuck for short.

Thirty-five birds total.

He then proceeded to convince his Dad and I that we should let him purchase two full grown turkeys to live on the barnyard and go to the fair with him this summer.

He’s even got us seriously considering letting him add peacocks to the farm.

I think we may have officially gone to the birds.

FEBRUARY 2016 70911951299_10205306004550549_8794669683384105070_n1923448_10206557318552617_8738106238223958002_n



FEBRUARY 2016 712

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