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One Hour and a Glass of Red – 100 Word Challenge

Mine followed the hoard running toward the hotel pool, super soakers cocked, walls waiting for water blasts.

Late check-in, the pool’s soon closing.

Husband takes his once-ever turn at watching them splash; my body says no swimming tonight.

Five minutes after we split ways, a text.

“Lord of the Flies up in here.”

I smile. Him hating the pool, wet humidness, kids screaming.

Almost a year ago, another hotel pool ushered in cancer news.

Music played loud and happy in the car that day too.

Family weekend ahead, he gives me this hour.

I embrace it.

Embrace them.

And indulge.APRIL 2015 110


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Beard {Part Two}

The radiation took his cancer.

His beard too. Most of it anyways. One side smiles smooth.

It didn’t take his heart though.

Or his faith. That grew stronger.

Oh I might miss the beard some, that wooly soft rustle that loved to caress us with each of his big encompassing hugs, but the trade-off makes it a happy thing gone by … smiled at like a distant memory.

He came home last night grinning.

He ran my finger over the area.

“Feel that? It’s coming back!”

Sure enough, there it was. One side gruff, scratchy…one side soft.

Just like him.

 SEPTEMBER 2014 052

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New Face in a Hotel Room

We commandeered the lobby level pool.

I imagined him quiet upstairs, tired, ready for bed…and shaving.

I didn’t worry about him, but knew when we returned…

…he would look different.


What had been part of him, part of us, -rugged and soft and grizzly- for so long now…

…would soon be gone.

It needed to come out. Bad tumor filled his face and it was a week until we learned cancer cells built nests, but that night, before it came out…

…I thought of him as always.

With his beard.

But then bare, there he was…


And love.