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A Little Light

Oh! This came across my newsfeed today and it makes my heart smile.




We ADORE Kate! We positvely cherished The Tale of Despereaux. Our tattered copy rests lovingly on our shelf of favorites.


A friend of mine, Merci, well, she went and drove hours through the mountains this past spring to meet our literary hero, and she took a copy of Annie Spruce with her . MY book, my wee little book, it went straight from my friend’s delivering hands into those of one of our favorite authors in all the world…I still get warm chills all over to think of it…and one of the sweetest things tacked to my bulletin board is a thank-you note postcard handwritten to our family from Ms. Kate herself.

She is so right! Stories ARE light. That is exactly why I wrote and published Annie Spruce. I wanted our little story of God’s goodness and light to be out and shining it’s sweet little light in this world that can be so very dark at times.


“Stories are light.”


Make sure to share yours, friend! This world needs your shine!


Have a great week!


A year ago today, I was selling copies of ‪#‎AnnieSpruce‬ that had JUST come in the mail. It was an exciting time for our little family. I can’t say that we’ve sold a lot of books by the big book seller’s standards, but I can say that I’m SO thankful that we followed through on the little heart-push we had to publish the sweet little story of our dog and how God sent her to us. I just know that every single copy has gone exactly where it needed to and that hearts were blessed and will continue to be blessed, by Annie and her sorrowfully sweet journey to our home.

DSC_0041 (2)

Every time I give someone a book, or sell the occasional copy here or there, I love the connection I instantly have with the person whose hands I place it in. That person is getting a peek into my heart. He is getting a glimpse into our world. She is getting a front-row seat into the faith of our family.


And when I hear back from them, or see their smile, enjoy a warm handshake or hug, I’m getting a look right back into theirs.

Thankful for each and every one of you who checks in now and then here on my little writer’s page. I’m praying you all are blessed this year with the grace and knowledge of Christ and the love of family and friends.

From our home to yours and with big love from my crew and Annie Spruce, Happy Thanksgiving!

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You guys.

One of the hardest things I’ve found as an emerging author is promoting your story without sounding like you’re tooting your own horn.

Publishing is SO MUCH promotion and marketing and that is the area that is hard for me, timewise, and modesty wise.

I’ve just been content to let Annie’s story speak for itself without a lot of hubub from me.

And that is probably why I haven’t sold a lot of books. ❤


This was in my inbox today.

I know you all love me and you love Annie too.

So I had to share:

Judge’s Commentary, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition

“Books are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning “needs improvement” and 5 meaning “outstanding”. This scale is strictly to provide a point of reference, it is not a cumulative score and does not reflect ranking. Our system only recognizes numerals during this portion of logging evaluations. As a result, a “0” is used in place of “N/A” when the particular portion of the evaluation simply does not apply to the particular entry, based on the entry genre. For example, a book of poetry or a how to manual, would not necessarily have a “Plot and Story Appeal and may therefore receive a “0”.

Structure, Organization, and Pacing: 5

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: 5

Production Quality and Cover Design: 5

Plot and Story Appeal: 5

Character Appeal and Development: 5

Voice and Writing Style: 5

Judge’s Commentary*:

I found it surprising to read with so much interest about one dog, Barley, only to realize that this book focuses on another dog, Annie. The author skill in engaging the reader is that good! The family that adopts both dogs is clearly a dog family, people who understand that dogs are God’s creatures—the smartest and loyal creatures humans could ask for. So while Barley won my heart right off with his adamant chewing of all walls, wood and obstacles that prevented him from being on road trips with the family, Annie’s incredible stoicism and heart had me shaking my head in wonder. I like the author’s voice, for she knows how to introduce elements into a scene and transition from one moment to the next in such a way as to get the most impact. I was distressed that Barley was not tolerated by Annie when she became pregnant, but I loved what Rankin’s young son said about that. The author has a gift for finding exactly the right amount of tenderness or humor, oftentimes both, in the way she words her sentences. It was hard to read about Tessie/Annie’s owner being in jail and then reconnecting with the Rankin family and Annie without crying. There are dog people who will love this book, and it should be marketed in places where they will discover it.

-Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

I don’t think I won the contest.

But this sure was good to read today.

It made me proud.

And I think it makes Annie pretty proud too.

Have a great weekend friends. I hope you receive some good news today too!

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Cirque, Summer Issue

So I wrote a piece about my good man.

And our good state.

And a good woman we met along the way.

Cirque Journal has selected it for publication in their Summer 2015 issue!

A little bowled over and trembly about the whole deal.

I received an email last night that the issue is HOURS away from publication.

From Cirque’s website:

Cirque was founded in 2009 by Anchorage poet Mike Burwell. Cirque, published in Anchorage, Alaska, is a regional journal created to share the best writing in the region with the rest of the world. This regional literary journal invites emerging and established writers living in the North Pacific Rim—Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, Yukon Territory, Alberta, British Columbia, and Chukotka.

Can’t wait to see my little offering of words next to so many of today’s greats from this side of the world.

Cirque brings together the finest literary and artistic talent from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Read the current issue below.

Cirque Journal