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Tsk Tsk Bloggy To-Do

The Liebert.

The Zero to Hero.

Items on my bloggy to-do list, haunting my days and my nights. Keeping me awake…tossing…turning…rolling on my bed in the wee hours then staring back up at me from my coffee cup come morning.

Well okay, not really.

But there is this slight little pressure between my shoulder blades. That’s what happens to a wanna-be Type A when crucial bloggy tasks such as these remain undone.

So this is what I’m gonna do.

I’m going to follow along on the Zero to Hero only as I can. I’m kinda happy with how this thing is shaking out so far. I’m not out to have hundreds of followers. Heck, truth be known, I’m just happy to see real, live people who are not spammers down on my sweet little visitor’s list. Seriously.  Give me a few writers, a few Mamas, some folks who love Jesus too, add my high school English teacher into the mix and BAM, I’m in bloggy Heaven. What more’s a gal need?

So I’ll just poke along the Z2H path as I can but really, having this pretty little corner to tuck my writing into is the perfect amount of fun for now. Having a few friends and some new blog pals actually read it…that there is just yummy icing.

Now. Liebert.

Liebert, Liebert, Liebert.

What am I gonna do about you Liebert?

I’ve been doing some research.

There are two camps. People who LOVE blog awards. People who {{squeallll}} in delight when someone lays one on their blog. That’s what I did. Squeeeall. Like it was the Emmys squeal.

Not everyone squeals. There there are folks who are polite and gracious and kind with their words and say: Yeah. Thanks. But NO thanks!

And I kinda get that a little…there’s a few stips to this award thingy.

So what’s a new-to-blogging gal to do? Especially when she doesn’t really have many blog friends yet, and those she does either 1) have thousands of followers (literally thousands), 2) have already been hit with at least 8 Liebert nominations and are working their way through the legwork or 3) have sweetly and respectfully tucked and rolled their way out of a dozen nominations in their comment log?

Really. What’s a gal to do?

This is what this gal is gonna do:

I’m going to nominate two of the blogs I’ve read that do not fall into one of those three abovementioned criteria and call it good. I have read some uh-may-zing blogs…and I know there are gajillions more here on the Word Press. I just haven’t been able to explore that many yet. My reader list is small and I’m kinda slow, so rather than let the slow take the lead, I’ll let the small go first 🙂

Here’s my two. I hope I don’t kicked off Word Press for not following the rules. I especially hope I won’t have to give my purty and shiny OscarImeanLiebert back.

Without further ado, I nominate:

Rachel over at At the Corner of 14th and Oak. She’s got an adorable little blog, all full of nostalgia and history, which I totally dig and she talks about seeking and searching, all in an open, honest way, which I also totally dig.

Heidi over at His Will, His Way. She’s got a great thing going and honors the Lord with her precious new blog. Love it.

So gals, here’s how it goes:


The rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.

3. You must nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.

4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Here are my ten questions for my not-quite ten bloggers:

1) What made you decide to start your blog?

2) What are your goals for your blog?

3) If you are a writer? An artist? A blogger? All of the above?…How much of your life to you devote to these talents?

4) If you were able to visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

5) Dogs or cats?

6) Introvert or extrovert?

7) City or country?

8) Write then post, edit a little before hitting enter or obsess over a piece for days before any eyes see it?

9) Summer or winter?

10) What’s your biggest blogging/writing/online challenge?

Phew. That was kinda hard.

Now I’m off to let them know I’ve nominated them.

And maybe I’ll finally get a good night’s sleep tonight.


And Tonight I’d Like to Thank….


So after my rant post yesterday about spammers and scammers here on our little block a’ bloggers, I came back to some sunshine on my shoulders this mornin’.

I got a little bloggy award nomination thingy today.


Be still my bloggy heart right?

I still don’t have much of a grasp on how this all works or what this all means, but I DO know that an award nomination thingy must mean that real live blogger folks must be reading a little bit of what I’ve written here… and that real live blogger folks must even LIKE my little words a little bit. Nervoushumbledexcitedscaredencouraged, all at the same time.

Serious heart warms here, friends.

My new blog pal Janna over at Complexity Through Joy blessed my heart with a Liebster award today. She’s got a great little blog over yonder, you should go check it out. Really.  🙂

I’ll do my best to answer her questions, and then come up with some witty new ones to lay on a few more new friends here on The WordPress.

What fun, thanks for the love!

What is your comfort food? I’m gonna pass on this question. Answering it will send me face first into a carton of ice cream.

Is there someone in the media who really makes you laugh?  Who is it? Wow, this one REALLY makes me think hard! All the really good laughs in my life happen right here under the big top on this crazy little farm. Tim Hawkins though…is he considered media? He slays me every time. When we can get a good connection and get on the YouTube, his clips will send every single person in this family into fits of hyperventilation. Blimey Cow gets our giggles in gear too. Oh, and one of my bff’s Facebook posts really should be made into one of those daily calendars. Think Maxine. But a lot younger.  FB is media right?


What is your favorite time in history?

1) The span of time covered from Creation to the early church will always and forever be the most fascinating era of time to me. When I started actually reading the Bible (in 2002), doing my homework, and realizing this stuff REALLY HAPPENED, I was hooked, wowed and amazed. We’ve got an amazing history y’all.

2) Pre-statehood Alaska. Talk about some ruggedness, folks. This place is tough, and they did it by hand. And by dogsled. And on snowshoes. Makes me proud and humbled to even trod the same earth they did. Lovelove learning/reading/studying the history of the Last Frontier.

Why? Oh, whoops. I always did tend to jump ahead on tests…free_1535570

What’s your favorite season? When I was a Midwesterner, Autumn. Hands down. I pretty much adore every last little thing about it, the leaves, the smells, the cozy…I relive it in my mind every October. Here though? In this crazy land where the season memo got lost in the mail? Autumn is like a drive through visit at the espresso hut. Some days a little slower than others, but it’s always fast in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a stop along the way, and it’ll leave ya hyper. Hyper as in frantically-getting-ready-for-winter hyper because it’s breathing down your back and will show up on your doorstep in seconds. You might think I’m joking. I’m not. Seventeen of em have made me a little suspicious and bitter when it comes to Autumns round here. So, the short answer (not that I gave you the short answer…{{all that espresso talk}}…would be summer. Glorious, beautiful, low-70’s, sun always shines and bedtime’s NEVER before midnight, SUMMER. Ahhh….only 126 more days…

Pie or cake? There I go thinking about ice cream again…

What was the last book you read? I’m wrapped up now in The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb (bedtime reading), and working my way slowly through the Gospel of Matthew in the morns. I tend to get a little ADD about books, starting one then leaving it like a scorned lover when it doesn’t hold my attention for more than two minutes. Hey, sometimes that’s all the time I have to devote to a book. It has to be THAT good.

To where do you mthost want to travel? Before I lived here, here. Nowadays we keep an ever growing list for The Rankin Family Ultimate Field Trip that we fantasize of taking someday in our used RV. This trip encompasses all of the upper east coast to soak up our country’s origins, Italy to see some high falutin culture and edumacational art, Hawaii (we’re not really particular as to which island, they’re just jealous that Mama went there a long time ago so now we all need to go together), Niagra Falls (again, pre-kid, we’ve been there for a weekend trip but could it ever get old?), and Kentucky. (I’ve got a kid with a serious passion for Daniel Boone and she HAS to see his final resting spot). And yes, I’ve already considered the complications we may encounter in getting our camper from Alaska to these places. Those are mere minor details. We’re still saving our pennies. So far we’ve got $52.36.

When do you most feel in your element? Oh boy. Not the kind of question to ask a gal who’s hopped up on coffee and a good night’s rest but really, I guess there’s not much to this. I feel “myself” the most when I’m in the groove of writing. I feel the most “known” when I’m in the presence of Christ during worship or prayer. I feel the most “beautiful” when I’m with my husband and he says a sweet little somethin. I feel the most “me” when you put all those things together…start me to writing about Jesus while my husband’s in the same room, add in a little sprinkle about my babies and our critters and the barn and BAM, I guess right there is me “in my element”. 

When do you most feel out of it? This one’s easy. Imagine a pool. There’s the upper surface of the water, say a foot or two, right? Then there’s the deep water. I am very UNcomfortable with top layer friendships. I try, and I have some, but I’ve never done them well. I operate best in the deep water part. My husband says I’m an all-in friend. I don’t do the kiddie pool well. Not in a weird, clingy-friend way but as in a “hi, what’s your name, this is me, this is everything about me, tell me everything about you, lets have a coffee together” and now we’re bosom buddies for the rest of our lives. I might be stuck in the world of a five year old in this area and sometimes wish I could just give people a little note. Ask them to check yes or no by the Are You My Friend?  I don’t have what it takes to maintain friendships that are not real and genuine and quite honestly, they make me feel really, really clumsy and unable to make eye contact.  And when I meet someone who is content to just hang out there in the shallow parts, I feel out of it. And inadequate. And insecure. And pretty awkward. And I hate that. That’s when I default to *see above question* to be IN my element. Cuz I’m a lot better at that.

Here may be the place to note that going for any length of time (more than an hour) without my Carmex will make me feel out of it in a way that nothing else will.  In a my day is shot kinda way.

Lame huh?

I know  you didn’t really need to know that though did you?

That espresso’s realllly kickin in, must be. imagesB1JKZURM

Off to do the rest of the assignment. It’s been fun. In one of those Facebook survey kind of ways. I’ve only done one of those. If you’ve made your way through this post, you understand why. 🙂

Happy Thursday and God Bless,


The rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. 2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you. 3. You must nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination. 4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Day 3 – Heaven Came Down, Crazy Little Farms, and Words that Come Forth

Zero to Hero Blogger

Day 3: What’s on your mind? When you thought about starting a blog… Today, you’ll write it.

Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

The post that was on my mind when I started to blog and the post I posted were two totally different things.

This blog was initially going to be Heaven Came Down. Because Heaven did come down.

But that name was already taken.

So I changed directions and used a piece I’d recently written as the inspiration for the name and feel of my little nook here on the net.

You can read it here: Life is Messy and Things Aren’t Always Little on This Crazy Little Farm

That really is who we are and what we’re all about on this crazy little farm.

And it’s funny how, with a family and kids and a farm and animals…they kinda all roll into everything you do and you’re learning always and even when it’s not about the farm it’s still about the farm ya know?

I don’t know if that makes sense to you.

But it does to me and that’s why my posts aren’t always specifically about farming.

It’s a guarantee though that they’re usually all about growing.

And maybe that there is where the farming comes in.

{{The piece that made me start my own blog}}

Day 2 – Tout your Title Toots

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget.

Zero to Hero Blogger


I may be dense today (a recent affliction since discovering Words with Friends), or I may just be comfy cozy enough in my own blog skin to not know what to edit. I think I might really, really like my title and header thingy.

I don’t want to change it.814WNFguI2L__SL500_AA300_

At least not today.

But I’m not totally feeding the homework assignment to the dog.

I added a little text box thing down there. Wayyyy down yonder where my widget boxes have decided to sit. With folded arms and legs crisscrossapplesauce down on the floor where they’ve decided they’re NOT.GOING.UP.THERE.

I’ll try to fix that on the next assignment.

But for now, if anyone reads the little widget boxes here on this crazy little farm, they’ll find a welcome widget.

And every word is true.

I’m so glad you’re here.


Day 1

Day 1: Introduce Yourself

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

I’m not one for following directions.

Kind of a know-it-all I guess.

Especially dangerous after I read the For Dummies books. And then of course there’s the Net.

But when the WordPress tells me there’s some million odd number of us on here, and that you can be a Hero in thirty days, hey, who am I to scoff?

I’m not after the hero status. See, I’m already one of those.

Yeah, that’s right. I’ve got my own little following. Not in the way you’d think though. Not the click, share, post kinda follow.

No, my little fan club’s a groupa four and they’ll be the first to say that I’m the BEST MOM IN THE WHOLLLE WORLD!!. I’m not, but really, that is what they’d tell you. My big strong husband thinks I’m purty and is quite fond of most everything I do too.

So I’m not after THAT kind of hero status here.

Because even if that wasn’t enough up there, after all that love, I’ve got the extra sweetness of a handful of friends that I wouldn’t trade for all the money on this planet. They trod this place with me and they love me, quirks and all. A gal can’t ask for more than that right?

And as if all THAT wasn’t enough, I’ve got the safety of a Savior who took it all, quirks and wretch and mess and the nasty, and said “here, let me carry that for you”.  He thinks I’m somethin too.

So when I start up this little blog you see, and those folks up there, the ones that think I’m a hero? When they read what I write and they love what I write and they cheer for what I write? Well, I need to know how to do this thing well.

They’re my hero.

When I write it all because of the Savior that carries it all, I gotta do it right.

He’s my hero.

So I’ll go ahead follow some directions.

And I’ll learn how to use this thing here.

And I guess together we’ll get to know one another on this crazy planet called blogging and I’ll write about those precious people up there and the God that made em and the crazy critters He gives us to love and to laugh about. I’ll thank Him for it and I’ll tell you about it and that right there is who I am.

That’s who I am.